Project Health Status

Identify problems before they appear

"Am I going to find any problem?" Our built-in forecasting module, based on simulations with Artificial Intelligence, can answer this question in seconds. This remains uncertain even with large projects that take years to complete. With Project Health feature, workflows become much more predictable and reliable.

Identify and solve causes that block your Project

Using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence techniques you will have a control panel where you can see with colors the status of each area of your Project and identify excessive workloads, clients who request too many changes or a member of your team that needs a push.


Locate signals and indicators that alert you that some element of Project, such as the Client, a member of your Team or any task not envisaged, does not work properly.

Take an Action

Use forecast simulator to know how to analyze performance, know the causes and decide how to solve problems using statistics and reports.


With all the data on table and having identified possible problem's causes that prevent optimal development of the project, decide how to apply a solution.

Manage the health of your Project

Evaluate the health of your project from one place, making use of up to 4 indicators to know which areas should improve. View the results by Versions or Sprints.

View alerts and tipsGet alerts and tips

Through a sophisticated Machine Learning system that combines multiple parameters, we monitorize the activity of all your projects and the users who participate to anticipate future problems by giving you advice to correct the situation.

Every aspect in detail

Deepen in each aspect of your project to analyze separately details such as number of tasks with delay, number of bugs not corrected or the number of overtime hours invested.

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