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hikin is a supercharged workflow management platform for your team to stay motivated and achieve its goals, maintaining focus through a minimalist, revolutionary task planning system and workload optimizer

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SCRUM Methodology

Work collaboratively on Sprints with best practices to obtain top results in your projects.

Lean Methodology

Make maximum use of available resources and constantly improve processes to obtain ever more efficient results.

Kanban boards

These boards are the solution: they help you organize your work with colored labels placed on a virtual board.

Real-time content

Through Pusher we update browsers and mobile devices instantly with our event-based API.

Performance Forecast

Complete your goals with the performance forecast. You can detect conflicting tasks before they affect performance.

Minimalist interface

Our distraction-flee platform oriented lets you focus on enjoying your experience.

Access a new culture of action, based on doing more in less time

Work side by side in office or remotely: hirebub offers a level of immediate communication encouraging teamwork and maintaining harmony.

Tedious work is water under the bridge. Stop using spreadsheets and scattered files and incorporate all the tools your team uses at once: Calendars, Alerts, Performance Forecast, Project Manager and much more.

Complete your goals with Agile and SCRUM methodology

SCRUM, Kanban, List mode and Gantt Diagrams: All Inclusive. With our powerful planning features, your team can plan flexibly, in the most convenient way, how to approach each project.

There is only one common denominator: Projects are divided into Sprints (deliveries) and each Sprint in turn is composed of Tasks and Subtasks.

Manage tasks with Kanban boards or in List mode

These boards are the most effective way to visualize your workflow and allow your team to have control over what should be done and what is currently being worked on.

Visualize your progress as you move cards on board or list. Detect stale defects and reorganize your project easily visually..

Make the work flow

Visualize workflow of your team, analyze dependencies and detect incidents before they occur.

  • Collaborate

    Encourage participation of your team under Agile collaboration. Unproductive individual workflows are over.

  • Kanban Boards

    Kanban approach provides unparalleled transparency throughout organization and improves workflow.

  • Enriched meetings

    Meetings will never be the same again. Scroll through a calendar based on Kanban boards, attach files and notes, so you do not lose any detail.

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